City of Milton Council Members Approve 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan was approved by Council Members on Monday, March 22, 2021.

This Plan came about after extensive engagement with elected officials, City staff, and stakeholders representing various groups and communities in Milton. In place of traditional in-person events, the project team instead connected with the general public in multiple ways such as a survey completed by about 175 people, an “Idea Wall” where people elaborate on what the City should focus on, Zoom town hall-events, and interactive Facebook posts.

Taking into account that feedback and the Council’s direction, the Plan features three “strategic priorities” or frameworks for what the City government should focus on. They are:

  • Ensure Milton’s Sustainability and Resiliency: The City will provide nation-leading sustainability and resiliency that is fostered by an engaged government focused on community partnerships, creative funding methods, and deliberate efficiency.
  • Continue Smart Land Planning to Keep Milton Unique: The City will commit to smart development throughout the city, identifying areas for specific growth and incorporating design elements that reflect Milton’s unique character, rural charm, and equestrian lifestyle.
  • Acquire, Manage, and Develop Public Land and Resources to Support Milton’s High Quality of Life: The City will offer plentiful quality recreational opportunities that support a uniquely Milton sense of place and community while treasuring the hundreds of acres of beautiful, City-owned nature preserves that contribute to Milton’s “small town feel.”

City Manager Steve Krokoff pledged quarterly check-ins with Council (that would be made available to the public) on the Strategic Plan’s progress. Council members then lauded the report from how it came together, to its well-reasoned presentation, to the visually compelling, easy-to-follow layout of the finished product.

The Strategic Plan was then approved unanimously without changes.