City of Atlanta Technical Advisory Committee Achieves Small Steps

As many of you may recall, the Atlanta City Council, with the behest and backing of the Council for Quality Growth and MARTG partners (listed below), passed an ordinance that created the Office of Buildings Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), with Mayor Reed appointing a key advisory committee to oversee the Enterprise Fund, a provision left from the overhaul of Atlanta’s Building Permit Reform package.

The TAC is achieving small steps, including further progress on the creation of an Ombudsman function within the City of Atlanta Office of Buildings. At the August 19th meeting, Commissioner Shelby announced that the Office of Buildings will implement a pilot program with two extra help positions – a Management Analyst and a Special Project Manager – who would be established as permanent roles in FY 2016 based on the success of the pilot program.

Click HERE to view the August 19th minutes, prepared by Katherine Molyson, Council-appointed member of the TAC and Development Manager at Cousins Properties.

The next TAC meeting will take place on September 2nd at 10:30am at Atlanta City Hall in the 3rd Floor Arborists Conference Room.

The TAC, chaired by Scott Selig, of Selig Enterprises, is composed of nine members appointed by the Mayor, with 7 of the appointments stemming from recommendations of interested stakeholder groups. It is charged with advising and making recommendations to the Mayor, the Commissioner of Planning and Community Development and the Director of Office of Buildings on service levels, procedures, fees and staffing, along with providing insight into the permitting process and monitoring revenues and expenses for the Office of Buildings Enterprise Fund.