Cherokee County Roundtable with Mayor Michael Caldwell, City of Woodstock

Cherokee Roundtable Recap
February 8th, 2024
Speaker: Mayor Michael Caldwell, City of Woodstock

On Thursday, February 8th, 2024, the Council for Quality Growth welcomed Woodstock’s Mayor Michael Caldwell to the Cherokee Roundtable. Thank you Mayor Caldwell for your time, and the Cherokee Office of Economic Development for hosting the meeting.

Below are our takeways from the Mayor’s discussion, which are his primary goals for Woodstock moving forward:

  • Parks and Trails Expansion: the development of Little River Park, 100 acres of land that will include miles of paved, boardwalk and natural trails, playgrounds, pavilions, fishing, outdoor learning space, greenspace, disc golf, hiking trails, a park office, visitor center and will tie into Woodstock’s master trail syste
  • Commercial Diversity: The Woodstock City Center will build a stronger commercial base and recruit new, high-paying jobs into Woodstock. This project broke ground in April and portions such as Depot Square, a public gathering space, have been completed.
  • Public Safety: crime is the largest concern for our region’s residents, according to polls, but Woodstock continues to see its crime rates decline. Despite the population increasing by 12,000 residents in the 2010s, crime declined 45% in the same period. Mayor Caldwell praised Woodstock’s police and fire departments for their recruiting and leadership.
  • American Home Ownership: Equity in a home is essential to wealth creation, Mayor Caldwell emphasized, and flexible ownership will be important to Woodstock’s future. He encouraged more condos and townhomes. At the state level, he has actively pushed legislation bringing ocal governments to the table to help craft affordability measures rather than taking a one size fits all approach.
Click Here for Mayor Caldwell's State of the City 2024 Transcript
Rendering of Woodstock’s City Center Plans