Change in Zoning Conditions

On September 14th, the Cobb BOC voted 3-2 not to allow Wood Partners a change in zoning conditions to lease or provide lease-purchase contracts on its Vining Main condominium project.  Voting for the proposal were Chairman Sam Olens and Commissioner Tim Lee.  Voting against the proposal were Bob Ott, Woody Thompson, and Helen Goreham.  Therefore, no condos in this high-end mixed-use project may be offered for rent as we weather this economic storm.  The precedent-setting vote sets an unfortunate tone contrary to Cobb’s historically well-studied, reasoned, and carefully considered policies regarding land use and promotion of a stable, robust tax base.

Region wide, the Council supports growth and development policy in this difficult economic time that will raise the tide for all communities.  Innovation and creativity are essential as we stablize our economy.  We are actively engaged in several initiatives in this regard and will keep you informed.  Please let us know your thoughts and ideas.

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