Cartersville Adopts Development Regs Text Amendments

At its regular meeting on June 17th, the Cartersville City Council voted to adopt several proposed text amendments to the City’s Development Regulations related to Articles II & III.  Article II amendments included: increases in the number of required construction plan sets from 7 to 11, addition of safety railing and fencing requirements for walls used in construction projects, and the addition of note stating the responsibility of developers to comply with Endangered Species Act to the satisfaction of US Fish and Wildlife.  Article III amendments included:  increased in sidewalk widths from 4 ft to 5 ft, requirement that at least one side of new residential streets have a sidewalk and new developments along any existing streets have sidewalks along all road frontage, deletion of R/W dedication requirements due to impact fees, requires installation of reinforced concrete pipes within R/W of all City streets (not just under the pavement), deletion of Hydrology study and Detention requirements and replace with Post-development Stormwater Management section (MNGWPD Ordinance provisions).

Dev. Reg Article II Amendments

Dev. Reg Article III Amendments