Building Permit Reform Package Update

The Atlanta City Council decided to vote on three parts of the proposed permitting process and office restructuring package on October 17th.  The full council voted on Ordinances 11-O-1290 and 11-O-1291 that unanimously passed out of the Community Development/Human Resources Committee on October 11th.  Also, Ordinance 11-O-1292 that passed unanimously out of the Finance Committee on October 12th was considered.  All of these ordinances were approved by the Council by a vote of 11-0.

Ordinance 11-O-1293 is the last part of the legislative package and establishes an Enterprise Fund that will ensure that the fees collected for the services provided to the development community will stay within the Office of Buildings for the training of staff and technology upgrades.  This ordinance was held at the request of Council member Felicia Moore and other committee members who requested additional financial information.  The Council and other members of the development community expressed concerns about letting the other three ordinances pass without the Enterprise Fund ordinance since the development community supports all four parts of the package.  However, the City Council decided to move forward and Ordinance 11-O-1293 is scheduled to be taken up again in the Finance Committee on November 2nd at 1:00 pm.  The meeting will take place in Committee Room #2 at City Hall.  The Council will continue working on this issue for our members.  You can view all of these ordinances below.