BOC Adopts new Budget

On Tuesday, January 5th, the Gwinnett BOC adopted Gwinnett’s 2010 budget. The budget includes the restoration of cuts made to public safety last year including total appropriations of $1.33 billion. This is down considerably from the 2009 budget of $1.71 billion. The commission approved a property tax increase of 2.28 mills in December 2009. Included within the budget is $974.6 million for operating expenses and $355.3 million for capital expenditures.

The budget includes hiring 58 police officers and re-establishing the Quality of Life Unit in the Police Department with an additional 10 positions. Fire Stations 18, 29, and 30 will be fully staffed and operational. The County will also add 10 new positions to the 911 call center to respond to emergencies. Capital fund additions include an airport feasability study, a nuisance abatement project, and accelrating the relocation of Fire Station 10 and construction of Fire Station 31.