BOC Adopts Left-Turn Lane Requirements for New Developments

At its regular meeting on June 19th, the Gwinnett County BOC voted to amend the County’s Development Regulations to require all new development projects accessing arterial and/or collector roadways and meeting certain thresholds to install left-turn lanes. On May 16th, the DAC voted to recommend the revisions to the BOC. The minimum requirements are based on the number of lots, roadway characteristics and the AADT. The stated purpose is to help reduce traffic congestion and accidents along busy roadways, thereby making them safer.

Subsequently, the Gwinnett DOT staff met with the Council several times prior to and after the BOC’s vote to discuss several areas of concern that had remained unresolved. As a result of the meetings, several modifications were made regarding bonding requirements and installation requirements. Below is a copy of the revisions:

Left Turn Lane Memo

Modified Left Turn Lane Criteria (June 27, 2007)