Berkeley Lake Adopts Driveway Water Run-off Control Ordinance

The City Council met on December 21st at its regular meeting to discuss a proposed Driveway Water Run-off Control Ordinance.  The ordinance is affects all residential lots and requires all driveways to be paved with asphalt or concrete and all adjoining areas must be landscaped or grassed to prevent erosion, siltation, and sedimentation in fun-off waters.  Furthermore, it requires properties abutting certain roadways within the City to control discharge of run-off into the right-of-ways by either curving the driveways so that run-off is diverted into grassed/landscaped areas, by providing structures such as humps to divert the run-off, or by installing covered catch basins with 6″ opening or greater grates in the driveways.  A copy of the ordinance is below:

Berkley Lake Driveway Runoff Control Ordinance