Atlanta Regional Roundtable Meeting

The Atlanta Regional Roundtable met on October 6th to discuss the amendments to the project list that were submitted on September 30th.  

The following amendments were passed and will be reaffirmed at the final roundtable meeting on October 13th:  

Amendment 5 – Northwest Corridor and multiple Cobb projects (changes the transit project scope and add roadway projects such as the Windy Hill I-75 interchange).
Amendment 6 – Provides $20 million to the Atlanta to Griffin Commuter Rail project for planning, preliminary engineering and rail readiness activities and reduces the Tara Blvd project.
Amendment 8 – Add the $3.5 million Butner Road at Camp Creek project and reduce scope of Fulton Industrial Road project.  
Amendment 11 – Add the Hammond Drive widening project (from Roswell Road to Georgia 400) by removing $10 million from the collector distributor project in North Fulton.

The following amendments were voted down:

Amendment 3 – Add the Parker Road widening project and reduce the funding for the northwest corridor transit project by $5 million.
Amendment 4 – Add the Sigman Road widening project and reduce the funding for the northwest corridor transit project by $10 million.  

The following amendments were tabled:

Amendment 2 – Add the Atlanta to Griffin complete commuter rail project at $350 million by reducing the scope of all other transit projects by 10%.
Amendment 7 – Increase funding for I-20 East transit by $297 million and reduce the amount allocated to SR 400/I-285.
Amendment 9 – Preserve existing Xpress bus service by having Cobb, Gwinnett and DeKalb pick up routes in their jurisdictions and take the remainder from MARTA state of good repair.  
Amendment 10 – Preserve existing Xpress bus service by reducing Operations and Maintenance budgets for the Beltline, Clifton Corridor and Northwest Corridor projects to total $80 million.   

A special meeting has been called for October 11, 2011.  At this meeting, the Roundtable will discuss and vote on each of the amendments that were tabled. 

Detailed explanations of each amendment as well as a list of how each member of the roundtable voted for each project can be found here.