Atlanta Finance Committee Passes Enterprise Fund Legislation

The City of Atlanta Finance/Executive Committee passed Ordinances 11-O-1293 and 11-O-1504 by a vote of 7-0 on November 2nd.  Ordinance 11-O-1293 establishes an Enterprise Fund for the Atlanta Office of Buildings and Ordinance 11-O-1504 authorizes the Chief Financial Officer to transfer funds from the FY 2012 general fund anticipations and appropriations to the Enterprise Fund.  The Enterprise Fund will allow the fees charged for services to remain in the Office of Buildings for critical technology upgrades and staff training.  The Enterprise Fund is the final piece of the building permit reform legislation.  Both of the Enterprise Fund ordinances should come before the full City Council for approval on November 7th at 1:00 pm in the City Council chambers.

Members of the Atlanta Advisory Committee and staff of the Council for Quality Growth have worked tirelessly on the building permit reform package from the beginning.  The Council for Quality Growth believes these two ordinances along with the other three building permit reform ordinances that passed on October 17th are integral for improved services within the City of Atlanta’s Office of Buildings.  We would like to thank our advisory members, Office of Buildings Director Don Rosenthal, Planning and Development Commissioner James Shelby, Atlanta Board of Realtors, Building Owners and Managers of Atlanta and the other stakeholders in the development community for all their hard work on this legislative package.  You can read the two ordinances at the links below.