ATL Transit Link Authority Releases 2022 Annual Report and Audit

The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) recently released the fourth iteration of the Annual Report and Audit, highlighting data trends for Metro Atlanta Transit. This report serves as a robust analysis of transit service in the region and demonstrates the need for sustained investment in transit and how accessibility varies across the 13-county region. The publication dives into how the metro region is performing within a national context and examines how transit will need to adapt in an ever-changing post-pandemic world. For more information, visit

The report not only highlights the performance of the transit network across 11 operators but also evaluates how public transportation contributes to economic competitiveness by enhancing equity in access to jobs, services, and opportunities in the region.

Annual Report and Audit Goals & Objectives:

  • Heightens the region’s understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of its transit network
  • Informs decision-making regarding investments in public transportation
  • Enhances transparency and holds the region accountable for effectively meeting people’s mobility needs