ATL Board Seeks Public Feedback on Proposed Amendment to Transit Plan

The ATL is seeking public comment on a proposed amendment brought forward by Gwinnett County to the 2019 ATL Regional Transit Plan (ARTP), incorporating changes to the project list submitted by the County previously. These changes include modifications to previously submitted projects, as well as the addition of new projects. The 30-day public comment period concludes on May 22, 2020. The proposed amendment increases the number of transit projects submitted by Gwinnett County for the ARTP from 62 to 99, and increases the total value of projects contained within the ARTP from $27.4 billion to $31.4 billion. The ATL Board will consider adoption of the proposed Gwinnett County amendment at its May 27th Board meeting. Specific information related to this ARTP amendment and the public comment period may be found at this website: