ARC’s Mike Alexander: Forsyth Among the Best Places to Raise a Family in Metro Region

Forsyth Advisory - Pic of Mike Alexander (June2014)

On June 19th, ARC Research Division Chief Mike Alexander presented an informative demographic analysis of Forsyth County and the Metro Region to the Council’s Forsyth Advisory. Alexander’s presentation sparked a lively discussion among many Council members, elected officials, and local leaders in attendance.

Alexander enthusiastically reported that Metro Atlanta added the 6th most jobs over the past year among the 12 largest metro areas. Forsyth County contributed greatly to this achievement by adding over 30,000 jobs  between 2000 and 2013, with a total of 66,335 jobs in 2013. Alexander noted that the northern half of the Metro Region has experienced the most employment growth in the last few years.

Alexander also stressed the importance of Forsyth’s family environment. Illustrated in age distribution charts that are dominated by many young children and adults ranging from 35-50 years old, Forsyth is considered to be the most family oriented population in the Metro Region. A large factor of the county’s strong family population is the success of the Forsyth County School System which continues to be among the best in the Metro Region.

Concluding his presentation, Alexander presented the county’s exemplary health records and expressed how they are demonstrative of the county’s high standard of living which families are seeking. Overall, Alexander painted a positive economic recovery and outlook for Forsyth County, something residents can build upon for an even brighter future.

To view Mike Alexander’s presentation click HERE.