Alpharetta City Council Approves RFP for Downtown Master Plan


The city of Alpharetta approved a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the update of its Comprehensive Plan for downtown Alpharetta on March 24, 2014. The former comprehensive plan, made in 2003, aspired to create a self-sustaining downtown district that connected the historic downtown area with other activity centers in the city by encouraging pedestrian friendly development, use of existing structures and preservation of green space. In 2005, this plan was used to develop a zoning code for the Historic Downtown district of Alpharetta. Alpharetta aims to redevelop its 2003 plan by the end of this year.

Richard McLeod, the community development director for Alpharetta, and the Alpharetta City Council are seeking redevelopment of the plan in order to insure that the City’s comprehensive plan remains consistent with Alpharetta’s evolution over the last eleven years. The Alpharetta City Council has allocated $300,000 over fiscal year 2014 for the redevelopment of the plan and has initiated a Request for Proposals. For more information please contact Richard McLeod at or (678) 297-6070.