Advisory Roundtable Recap: Henry County Welcomes State Representative El-Mahdi Holly

Henry County Advisory Roundtable Recap
October 18th, 2023
Speaker: State Representative El-Mahdi Holly, House District 114

On Wednesday, October 18th, 2023, the Council welcomed State Representive El-Mahdi Holly to the Henry County Advisory Roundtable. Holly is also the Chair of the Henry County Delegation.

Connectivity was the theme of Wednesday’s discussion. Representative Holly dove into a broad vision for the Henry County community and the mindset its residents would hopefully embrace. His approach to Henry County seems to be a ‘we are in this together’ mentality.

The Representative encouraged people to get to know local businesses, know the people behind counters, talk with neighbors, spend locally, and come to really understand the community by empathetically interacting with it and being an active part of it. He referenced Booker T. Washington’s philosophy of casting down your buckets where you are. “Try to find and build opportunities with the locals around you,” he said, “because if you can take care of your daily activities by investing in the people around you, you contribute to a cycle of giving and growth in your community.” Developing a community means that you have to buy into the community together.

For Holly, embracing this mentality is essential for positive growth; together, we have the opportunity to create a powerful regional hub.

His view on legislative duties was similar. Holly expressed pride for last year’s 40 days of session full of bipartisanship. There was plenty of successful cooperation across the aisle, he said, as 85% of bills were agreed upon and a $32 billion budget was established.

Holly said that Henry County benefitted greatly from last year’s legislative session. The County received funding for a building facilities authority and an airport authority, among other improvements, and now Holly has his eyes set on a convention center or amphitheater where the community can come together.

The Representative also made it clear that his community must do a better job tapping into the resources available to them. He said EPA District 4 has $29 billion to spend — $100mm for non-profits.

Thank you Representative Holly for your hard work and thank you PEC+ for sponsoring the event.