Advisory Roundtable Recap: Chamblee’s Mayor Brian Mock

DeKalb Advisory Roundtable Recap
November 2nd, 2023
Speaker: Brian Mock, Mayor, City of Chamblee

On Thursday, November 3rd, 2023, The Council for Quality Growth welcomed Mayor Brian Mock of DeKalb County’s City of Chamblee. Thank you Mayor Mock for your time.

The Mayor began his presentation with some history. He took us through Chamblee’s humble, dairy farm beginnings to its military and manufacturing growth and finally to its unique 21st century identity.

Chamblee is one of the most diverse cities in the state and hosts the most languages spoken. The city’s demographics are 44% Hispanic, 31% white, 13% black, and 9% Asian. “We embrace and take tremendous pride in our diversity,” Mayor Mock said. He discussed diversity’s great value to the community, mentioning economic hubs like Plaza Fiesta and China Town. Chamblee is also annexing the Mercer University area to pull in another 4,000 residents, an expansion the Mayor considers culturally and economically beneficial.

Mayor Mock spent much of the meeting highlighting Chamblee’s recent developments and plans for the future. The City has a lot in the pipeline — office space, MARTA renovations, healthcare facilities, shopping plazas, multi-family apartments, a downtown hotel, senior housing, park renovations, and a huge trail network – and the Mayor is proud of how these projects complement the City’s identity. They have identified themselves as a community of connectivity and creativity, he said, and are funding art murals, sculptures, and painted utility boxes through their hotel/motel tax. The Mayor also outlined significant investments in public safety.

To conclude, Mayor Mock discussed the City Council’s focuses on affordable housing and sustainability plans. He mentioned that a Unified Development Code review will take place all of 2024, and that updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Charter are also in the works.

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