80,000 Votes Key to Victory in T-SPLOST Tug-of-War

With less than 60 days left until the July 31, 2012 Regional Transportation Referendum, both sides are struggling to sway the approximately 80,000 still undecided voters.

In a recent interview with the Marietta Daily Journal, Chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Cumberland Community Improvement District Board of Directors, Tad Leithead impressed, “So 400,000 people are going to vote, 160,000 of them are going to vote ‘yes,’ 160,000 of them are going to vote ‘no’ — that’s a given, So it’s the rest, and the rest is about 80,000 people, and finding out who those people are and making sure they’re informed as to the choice they’re making is what we’re working to do.” Further going into detail regarding the two sides of the campaign, education and advocacy, education falling under the jurisdiction of the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network (MAVEN) and Advocacy under Citizens for Transportation Mobility (CTM), both camps are ramping up efforts as the July 31, 2012 RTR draws near. Leithead also believes that the primary challenge the campaign is facing comes in the form of uninformed voters, “It’s totally anecdotal, but I’m finding that if people are at a cocktail party or playing bridge, when you say, ‘what do you think about the upcoming transportation referendum,’ the No. 1 question is ‘what’s that?’ There’s some extraordinary percentage of the population that is simply not informed about the issue.”

MAVEN and CTM are not the only interested parties, opposition to the T-SPLOST is also being voiced, making the final push for the remaining 80,000 votes essential to victory for both branches of the campaign.

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