$6.14 Billion Transportation Project List Sets Path For Jobs, Quality Of Life and Congestion Relief

On August 16th, the Executive Committee of the Metro Atlanta region Roundtable for the TIA unanimously approved a draft constrained transportation project list of $6.14 billion. This project list will now be vetted through numerous public hearings throughout the region before a vote is taken on a final project list by October 15th. The final list will be what the voters will consider in 2012 as we go to the polls to vote on the 1% regional sales tax for 10 years to fund these projects. Of the over $7 billion projected to be collected, 15% will be returned to each local government for their local projects and the remaining 85%, $6.14 billion under current projections, will be spent on the approved list for regional projects. The draft constrained list contains a mix of projects with about 55%  transit and 45% roadways and other. The list can be found HERE.

The vote on Monday was historic and illustrates a cooperative regional attitude as each Executive Committee member worked diligently to achieve the goal for the good of the Region. We commend each and every member of the EC for their hard work and all of the Roundtable members for their commitment.  
Click HERE for the AJC article and go to www.atlantaregionalroundtable.com for complete information an updates.