Mason Remains Confident as Peachtree Corners Budget Cemented

Holding strong, Peachtree Corners is on track to remain operational just under the promised 1 mill property tax increase at .85 mills.

Although nearly 2 million dollars over the Carl Vincent Institute’s feasibility estimate, Peachtree Corners continues to take shape as the city’s budget is solidified. Regarding the substantial difference in the studies figures and the City’s budget, Mayor Mike Mason ensures, “The report did not recommend a specific dollar expense budget for a first-year city facing unknown risks and approximately $1,005,000 in one-time start up costs.” These start up costs include $500,000 for a contingency fund, $189,000 for a state law required finance department, a lease for city hall in the Technology Park area amounting to $125,000, with another $125,000 in renovations, furnishings, and signage, and finally $130,000 in legal fees. If taken into account, those previously unaccounted expenses bring the Peachtree Corners budget to within $30,000 of the CVI’s estimate.

Although there are various detractors from the City, Mayor Mason remains confident, “The people who opposed the city are still there and will continue to be there. They will take every opportunity to discredit us.” Interested parties are invited to attend two public hearings regarding the property tax increase, scheduled for this Tuesday and next Tuesday, the tenth and seventeenth of July respectively, at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel located on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

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