2023 Atlanta Regional Commission LCI & CDAP Project Application Open Until Feb. 28th

On  Tuesday, January 17, 2023 the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) call for project applications window opens for Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) and the Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) programs. The applications are due by the end of February 28, 2023 and project awardees will be announced at ARC’s April or May Community Resources Committee meeting.

The ARC’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a grant program that incentivizes local jurisdictions to re-envision their communities as vibrant, walkable places that offer increased mobility options, encourage healthy lifestyles and provide improved access to jobs and services. Since 2000, the LCI program has invested over $312 million in more than 130 communities throughout the Atlanta region, helping pay for planning studies and the construction of transportation projects such as sidewalks and intersection improvements, to bring those visions to life. The ARC board has allocated $600 million through 2050 for transportation projects resulting from completed LCI studies. The LCI program is funded with federal transportation dollars. The grants cover 80% of the cost of each study or transportation project, with the recipient making a 20% match.

LCI Program Goals

  • Encourage a diversity of housing, employment, commercial, shopping and recreation land uses at the transit station, local and regional center level accessible by people of all ages, abilities, and income levels,
  • Provide access to a range of travel modes including transit, roadways, walking and biking and increase roadway connectivity to provide optimal access to all uses within the study area,
  • Foster public-private partnerships and sustained community support through an outreach process that promotes the involvement of all stakeholders, including those historically underserved or underrepresented,
  • Encourage mixed-income residential neighborhoods, employment, shopping, and recreation options.

The Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) provides planning assistance to local governments, CIDs, & non-profits across the metro Atlanta region to undertake local planning activities that advance the goals of the Atlanta Region’s Plan. In short, CDAP matches technical planning help and expertise with projects in communities who need it. Projects are chosen based on staff capacity and how well the proposed project addresses ARC’s priority issues and advances at least one of the program’s guiding principles of equity and resiliency.

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