Buzz Ahrens, Chairman e-mail: lbahrens@cherokeega.com

Harry Johnston, Post 1 e-mail: hjohnston@cherokeega.com

Jim Hubbard, Post 2 e-mail: jhubbard@cherokeega.com

Karen Bosch, Post 3 e-mail: kbosch@cherokeega.com

Derek V. Good, Post 4 e-mail: dvgood@cherokeega.com

Jerry W. Cooper, County Manager e-mail: jcooper@cherokeega.com

Vicki Taylor Lee, Planning and Zoning e-mail: vtaylor@cherokeega.com

David Fields, Tax Commissioner e-mail: dfields@cherokeega.com

Geoffrey E. Morton, Engineering Department e-mail: gmorton@cherokeega.com

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