Emerging Leaders Initiative

The Council has launched a new program that will Educate, Engage and Empower the Emerging Leaders within the Metro Atlanta area’s growth and development industry.

What is the Emerging Leaders Initiative and why should I join?

ELI members will explore the growth and development industry through events hosted and led by senior executives and leaders from engineering companies, developers, law firms, CIDs, utilities and other industry sectors. Open networking and roundtable discussions will allow you to expand your network, plus your knowledge of the industry and regional policy issues. The Council wants ELI to equip our members with the depth and breadth of connections and information so that when called, they seamlessly transition into senior leadership positions in the Metro Atlanta development industry.

Who is an Emerging Leader?

  • A member of the Council for Quality Growth through their company’s membership.
  • Career focused, industry professional with high growth potential & goals.
  • Firm grasp on individual sector of the development industry.
  • Desire to expand network, in addition to industry knowledge and regional policy issues.

What type of events will ELI host?

ELI will host 2 types of events – Networking Receptions and Industry & Leadership breakfasts—both quarterly. There is no additional charge beyond your $100 annual fee to attend any ELI event.

May I host an ELI event?

Yes! The Council membership represents the regional leaders of today and we want you to share your experiences with ELI! Council members may host ELI events and will be able to provide a senior leader to facilitate a conversation on their sector of the industry and personal leadership journey. The cost to host one reception or breakfast is $250 and is industry-sector exclusive.

Can more than one person from a company join?

Of course – invite your colleagues to join you! Each individual will just need to register and pay the $100 annual fee separately.

What industry sectors will ELI explore?

Developers, Real Estate, Engineering, Construction, Home Builders, Utilities, CIDs, Consultants, Legal, Financial, Local Government. Let us know if you have one to add or a great speaker we should hear from!