Week 8

The Georgia General Assembly adjourned Friday, March 7th and has completed 34 of 40 Legislative Days. The Legislature is set to be in Session for Day 35 on Monday, March 10 until Day 37 on Wednesday , March 12th, the same … Continue reading

Week 7

The calm before the storm.  In any year, Crossover Day, legislative Day 30, is intense, fast-paced and critical for those Under the Gold Dome, outside of  the final legislative Day 40.  In this year, Day 30 is even more critical … Continue reading

Week 6

The General Assembly is set to resume on Monday, February 24th for Day 27, until Wednesday, February 26th for Day 29, with Crossover day set for March 3rd. This week erased the loss of days in the previous two weeks … Continue reading