Council Membership

From its beginning in 1985, the Council has served as a true forum for the development and growth community, regulators, policy makers, and governmental staff. Our purpose has always been sifting through tough growth issues in an effort to reach consensus and productively move forward. We must continue to push forward with our strategies to promote long-range planning, to serve as a catalyst for consensus, and to offer an open forum for discussion of responsible development, economic, or technical expertise. Whether you are a new member, a founding member, or a prospective member, we need you. We need your perspective, your expertise, your opinions, and your circles of influence.

The Council remains a member-focused organization that is only as strong as those we have seated at the table. Each and every one of you play a vital role in the Council. We must continue to move forward together as industry leaders. You are all pillars of progress in your own right.

Membership Services


Federal, State, Regional and Local Advocacy and Representation

The Council keeps a close watch on legislative activity at the local, regional, state and federal level and ensures your voice is heard on issues directly impacting the growth and development industry.



Research conducted by the Council’s Policy Team allows you to stay abreast of all issues affecting growth and development in sixteen counties of the metro Atlanta region.


Advisory Committee Participation

Council staff is entrenched in development issues affecting our members’ projects; input from members through advisory committees guides our work program.


Information Access

Members can access a virtual library of growth issues on the Council’s comprehensive web site. Members also receive weekly email updates and newsletters.


General Programs

Council programs and events address real-time important issues related to the development community and the region. In addition, they provide networking opportunities with elected and appointed officials as well as the development community as a whole.


Quality Growth Institute

The Council for Quality Growth offers a variety of training, education, and professional development opportunities to its members and the community. Learn more