Member Testimonials

“AGL is proud to be a member of an organization, the Council for Quality Growth, that looks to improve the future of metro Atlanta through growth and diversity. Having productive interaction with members from various sectors fosters an environment where the very best practices are adopted for a more progressive business community.”
— Bryan Batson, President

“As a charter member of the Council for Quality Growth, we have always supported this important organization and its efforts to make our region a great place to be.

Like the Council, we work very hard to improve economic and community development within the areas we serve. The Council is important to Jackson EMC because it allows us a seat at the table of all interested parties participating in the forum of development policy and resolving growth issues effectively. The Council’s public policy team is a great resource for us as well as they work toward positive results within the political and regulatory environment.”
— Randy Dellinger, Gwinnett District Manager

“The Galloway Law Group is able to help formulate policy and legislation critical to the growth and development industry, through our involvement with the Council for Quality Growth. By bringing together a wide range of solutions-oriented professionals, public officials, and business and community leaders, the Council is able to develop and share innovative policies, tools and ideas and promote working relationships at the local, regional, and state levels. Thank you CQG for almost 30 years of service to the development industry!”
— Woody Galloway, Partner

“The North Fulton CID considers its membership in the Council to be an investment in our community and in our region. The Council is able to leverage our resources to advocate for infrastructure improvements and responsible growth.”
— — Kerry Armstrong, Chairman

“The Council for Quality Growth serves as a tremendous partner and ally for the Cumberland CID as we work to promote responsible growth in the Cumberland area. The Council serves as an advocate and incredible resource on issues that are important to the Cumberland CID, specifically in the areas of transportation, development and quality of life improvements. The synergy between the leadership of the Council and our own leadership allows us to work together as partners in fostering growth in our region.”
— Tad Leithead, Chairman

“As attorneys whose practice focuses on federal, state and local regulation of the alcoholic beverage industry, in one word, the Council for Quality Growth means “access.” The Council provides us with access to new ideas and trends in regional and local development. The Council hosts forums where we have access to the most knowledgeable professionals with whom we can collaborate and to whom we can refer our clients. The Council provides us with access to governmental officials. This access helps us to gain a better understanding of our region, to consider the impact of growth and development issues on our clients’ businesses and helps us to more effectively serve our clients.”
—Michael Sard, Partner
Sard & Leff