What is the return on investing in the Council?

The Council’s work on behalf of its members has a direct and profitable impact on members’ bottom lines. Below are their own words about the return on investment:

The Council for Quality Growth is an invaluable resource to SAFEbuilt. Their membership is comprised of thought leaders from around Georgia committed to making their communities better. The opportunity to network with and learn from such an innovative group has been very insightful.

  • Dexter Sullivan // SAFEbuilt

As attorneys whose practice focuses on federal, state, and local regulation of the alcoholic beverage industry, in one word, the Council for Quality Growth means ‘access.’ The Council provides us with access to new ideas and trends in regional and local development. The Council hosts forums where we have access to the most knowledgeable professionals with whom we can collaborate and to whom we can refer our clients. The Council provides us with access to governmental officials. This access helps us to gain a better understanding of our region, to consider the impact of growth and development issues on our clients’ businesses, and helps us to more effectively serve our clients.

  • Michael Sard, Partner // Sard Leff LLC

The Council provides us with unique opportunities to stay abreast with what is happening in the field, learn what is important to Atlanta’s business leaders, and impact policy that governs our clients’ business models and affects growth.

  • Josh Belinfante, Partner // Robbins Firm

Our participation in the Council for Quality Growth ensures that we are part of sustainable, responsible development, a principle that guides our firm’s own business practices and growth as well. The Council keeps us informed of important issues and developments that affect our projects and clients, the kind of stuff you can’t afford not to know. We are most appreciative of the opportunities to interact with our current and future clients and teaming partners outside of a specific business pursuit setting-building relationships in this atmosphere positions us to be a trusted advisor and key figure in the marketplace, and for that, we are humbly indebted to the Council for Quality Growth.

  • Rob Ross, P.E., Vice President // Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

The Council for Quality Growth serves as a tremendous partner and ally for the Cumberland CID as we work to promote responsible growth in the Cumberland area. The Council serves as an advocate and incredible resource on issues that are important to the Cumberland CID, specifically in the areas of transportation, development and quality of life improvements. The synergy between the leadership of the Council and our own leadership allows us to work together as partners in fostering growth in our region.

  • Tad Leithead, Chairman // Cumberland Community Improvement District

LAI Engineering enjoys a long standing relationship with the Council for Quality Growth. Because of the important information shared by the Council, we are able to continue our corporate growth by staying involved in the important issues affecting the Atlanta Region as well as individual municipalities. As a trusted advisor to the development, municipal, and infrastructure community, LAI benefits from the numerous opportunities afforded us by the Council for Quality Growth. We appreciate everything the Council does to make the Atlanta Region such a vibrant and exciting place!

  • Jim Lowe, P.E., CEO // LAI Engineering

The Council for Quality Growth has been of great value to Columbia Engineering and Services, Inc. by providing enhanced access to decision makers. We are proud to be involved with the Council for many years as we worked on more projects than could be named. Many thanks to the Council for the great group of professionals who are members.

  • Louis Young, President // Columbia Engineering

Pope & Land has developed or invested in most of Atlanta’s active urban and suburban regional activity centers. Our membership in the Council provides us with immediate access to a breadth of knowledge and insight because of the Council’s information, network, and regional footprint.

  • Mason Zimmerman, Senior Vice President // Pope & Land Enterprises, Inc.

The North Fulton CID considers its membership in the Council to be an investment in our community and in our region. The Council is able to leverage our resources to advocate for infrastructure improvements and responsible growth.

  • Kerry Armstrong, Chairman // North Fulton Community Improvement District

AGL is proud to be a member of an organization, the Council for Quality Growth, that looks to improve the future of metro Atlanta through growth and diversity. Having productive interaction with members from various sectors fosters an environment where the very best practices are adopted for a more progressive business community.

  • Bryan Batson, President // Atlanta Gas Light

Coro became involved with the Council in its early days as a means to facilitate communication with various development departments through the metropolitan area. Having a voice and a resource has been incredibly important to us as we have developed, redeveloped, acquired, and sold properties over the years. In addition, the Council has been a wondering conduit for interacting with our peers, allowing us to create relationship[s] we might never [have] had, to learn and grow from the best.

  • Patti Pearlberg, Vice President & Partner // Coro Realty Advisors, LLC