Metro Atlanta’s CIDs

The advent of Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) more than 30 years ago unfurled an engine of growth and development that has come to represent more than $1.5 billion in taxes levied, producing more than $5 billion in infrastructure investments, new parks and greenspace, public safety, traffic mitigation projects, and landscape improvements. CIDs are a productive and pro-active approach to accomplishing major feats that pool common interests benefitting the entire region. Land and property owners willing to invest in themselves and the communities around them have seen a tremendous return on investment.

Not only are CIDs powerful drivers of economic development, but they are also valuable in strengthening the unique character of each Metro Atlanta area. By allowing a CID to invest in the projects that the community and local government prioritizes, the developments reflect the values and personality of each area, serving as a counterpoint to “one size fits all” development and growth strategies; they maintain a sense of place.

This self-investment has positioned Atlanta’s 27-and-counting CIDs to receive locally-raised tax dollars, but also grants and matching funds from state and federal agencies that see community support as a beacon of opportunity for investment in smart growth. Through successful leveraging, CIDs procure significantly larger pools of funding to support development initiatives.

CIDs fill needs in communities across Georgia by serving as essential drivers of quality growth and development. The Council for Quality Growth is proud to count most of the metro Atlanta regions CID’s as part of our membership. The standard of successful public-private partnerships has been set with our CID’s and they are recognized nationwide as a model for urban and suburban infrastructure and place making.

We want to commend our local, state and federal leaders for recognizing the importance of partnering with these centers of commerce and well as the property owners who have committed substantial dollars to the benefit of the region as a whole.

30 Years of Influence

During the past 30 years, Community Improvement Districts have emerged as significant centers of influence in the Metro Atlanta region. By utilizing self-imposed tax revenues from commercial businesses within their districts, they are dramatically changing their communities in many ways.