Metro Atlanta’s CIDs

As the number of individual CIDs increases, so does their collective impact on our region. All of Metro Atlanta’s CIDs are members of the Council for Quality Growth, and the Council continues to serve as an advocate for these organizations. Since the first area CID, Cumberland, launched in 1988, CIDs throughout Metro Atlanta have been one of the most successful ways to catalyze economic development. Due to their accomplishments, the most successful areas of job creation almost exactly overlap the boundaries of our collective CIDs – an explicit evidence of significant return on investments made by CIDs. Additionally, they are beginning to foster regional connectivity and cooperation throughout Metro Atlanta.

We have seen our region’s CIDs join forces with each other to tackle major challenges that could not be managed by a single local government entity or even a single CID. There are 80 local governments in our 10-county metro area, and each has a lengthy to-do list that exists within its own boundaries: public safety, provision of utilities, court services, and more. These local governments must also take on quality of life and transportation improvements. Fortunately, several have the support of private, self-taxing CIDs to supplement and grow on what they are able to accomplish with limited resources.

In this collective thinking, CIDs are not only mitigating traffic as they take on major infrastructure projects. They are also knitting together areas of concentration in business and commerce, leading to increased productivity among our workforce. Though CIDs can only make investments within their boundaries, their infrastructure improvements are purposefully connecting job centers, exponentially supporting economic development for Metro Atlanta.

It’s expected that by 2025, the existing 20 CIDs will have invested more than $1 billion in taxes, producing more than $3 billion in infrastructure investments, multi-use trails, parks, public safety projects, traffic mitigation projects, landscape improvements and enhanced connectivity.

25 Years of Influence

During the past 25 years, Community Improvement Districts have emerged as significant centers of influence in the Metro Atlanta region. By utilizing self-imposed tax revenues from commercial businesses within their districts, they are dramatically changing their communities in many ways. Learn more about each Metro Atlanta CID has helped to enhance the urban and suburban landscape.

CIDs’ long-term planning, staffing and commitment are profiled in a video recently produced by JLL with the help of the Council. The video is set in 2025 and unveils what the metro region might look like just one decade from now as the investment and dedication of today’s CIDs catapult the communities that they serve.